What kind of crafter are you?

Crafting is different for everyone. What I like to do you may not and vice versa. The common theme however is making the project yourself. People who craft all the time know that they can spruce up a store bought item and put their own personal touch on the item. All my life I crocheted, sewed, upholstered and even painted furniture changing the original look. I never thought I’d start some new type of crafting style. Then one day my dear sister in law bought a Cricut Maker for me for my birthday. I had never seen one before even though the Cricuts have been around for several years. The Cricut is a fancy crafting companion with limitless options.

It’s been an entire year since I received my Cricut Maker. It was a very intimidating machine since I was really starting from scratch but just recently I started trying all sorts of new things. I really enjoy making fancy cards and gift tags. I have done a few iron on projects also. I have used the fabric cutter and made a few face masks when the pandemic first started. I have done vinyl on glasses and coffee mugs also.

I have been to several “Farmers Markets” on Long Island and noticed that people have all sorts of crafts they make and design for sale. These crafts people are making are much more vibrant and intricate then what I remembered from years past. There seems to be a market for every craft. I guess people are passionate about something and then voila a business is born. There are so many ways to sell your goods. You just need to be good at something. Post your pictures of your craft on facebook and instagram. That will be your biggest audience. If a viewer wants to look further and see what you have to offer you can leave a link to your Etsy shop or other seller account right on your uploaded picture, or hashtag added.

I noticed there are many people that craft have several avenues of income. Some crafters have their online shops, then their youtube channels and the farmers markets. When you have your own crafting business you have a lot of tax relief. You do have to add sales tax and pay your state sales tax, however the cost of your craft supplies are all deductible. Other expenses that are deductible could be costs of renting space at a Farmers Market, flea market or other venue. Also deductible are costs like mileage or a vehicle used for business. Food expenses you have to check each individual state. You could use a portion of your house if you utilize a party of your home just for your business which will include heat, cooling, internet, and phone. Other miscellaneous expenses include ink for your printer, a printer, and advertisements.

I have not started a crafting business yet. I’m still doing my research and honing in on my craft. These are the tips I have uncovered so far. As a full time worker outside of my house I am very limited in time to create. It is my goal to start a little crafting business in the near future so I can retire and have something to do as well as generate a little income.

I’d be interested to hear from any readers what they have done with their crafting and selling.

Repainting the storage trunk

In keeping with updating my entryway I needed to add some finishing touches. I knew I wanted to add some type of wall tree. I decided to keep it a low budget project since I have other projects I need to spend a lot more money on in the future.

I already had the black storage trunk from Pottery Barn from years ago when my children were little. I decided to use the leftover paint I used to paint the wainscoting in the hallway. I bought the paint from Ace Hardware and it was the Benjamin Moore Advance High gloss White. I started painting the trunk. One coat in and I knew immediately it was going to take 4 coats of paint. I probably could have done a fifth coat but I decided to put the toile chair pads together on the bench. I bought the toile chair pads from a country magazine and I wasn’t really satisfied with them as chair pads. The chair pads didn’t stay put. There was two ties on both sides of the back of the chair pad to secure it to the chair but when you sat down the pad cushion didn’t have much padding and they slid around except where they were tied in back so I put them in the closet for a rainy day. I put two of them side by side on the bench part of the trunk. I thought they looked pretty good. I found the grey gingham pillow at Hobby Lobby and thought it added a sleek and simple look for only $12.99. The Moose pillow I just put there for now until I find a better matching pillow hopefully in the near future. I haven’t removed the paint tarp from below the trunk yet but the finish on the trunk is really shiny. I am so pleased with the results of this project. Next, I have to paint the wall tree with shelves to make sure it matches the wainscoting and the trunk. I hope to have the entryway complete by the middle of summer.

RV Sheets Update

I finally completed one RV sheet. I just decided to sit and sew just to get it done. It came out great. The 1/4″ elastic in the ends and corners was a perfect fit. I had to buy a new set of knit sewing needles. Right in the middle of sewing the sheet the needle wore out and the needle would not advance smoothly. I changed the needle and voila it was clear sailing after that. I remember once reading that you should use a new needle with each new project. I have to admit I didn’t do that with the sheet. I used the needle for a knit tunic I had made in the winter and figured I could get thru the one sheet with the same needle. I was wrong.

The uploaded picture shows the mattress with a 2″ dense foam on top as an added layer for comfort while laying down. The RV mattresses are 4″ thick but need the dense foam on top for extra comfort. RV Sheets Update

Sprucing Up The Entryway

I painted the wainscoting and I love the white Benjamin Moore Advance high gloss. Now I have to choose the wall color. I narrowed it down to 2 colors. I like Benjamin Moore Beach Glass and Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments. Of course living on the water I try to keep the Beach elements in my colors.

I have a pottery barn storage trunk and a wall tree both which I was planning on painting white with the leftover high gloss white I used for Wainscoting. I plan to put both those items on the right side furthest away from the door just passed the baseboard. My dilemma is I don’t have any ideas what else to add to this entryway and it’s going to need some extras. It’s a long hallway entryway. I look forward to any ideas any readers may have. I need some art ideas, lighting, and just anything you can think of to make great use of this space.

I looked long and hard to find these little gems that would make a very friendly and inviting entryway. This project seemed never ending but I’m finally turning a corner. I still have a vast amount of wall space to add more decor but this is a great beginning. The anchor is not in its final destination and it may take me some time to figure out the best spot on the wall. I bought the wall tree shelf from #Wayfair online, the bench from #Pottery Barn, the grey gingham pillow, the nautical pidgeon, the anchor, the pillow cover with four grey tassels and the large nautical pillow all from #HobbyLobbyonline, the 2 pictures, #JoAnne’sFabric.

Entryway Editions

RV sheets

Well store bought RV sheets are so uncomfortable. I decided to make my own. I used double knit fabric from Joanne’s. I found 2 different patterns that had similar colors so they will match since there was not enough fabric to make 3 sheets for the bunks in the back.

I thought I could bang out a sheet in one night but it took a little longer than one evening. You know how life just gets in the way of all the projects you have to get completed.

I didn’t have a pattern but I know the double knit fabric stretches and I bought the 1/4″ stretch elastic to make the corners fitted. I set my machine on zigzag and worked the elastic in very slowly pulling the elastic tight to make the corners stretch. I did leave the zigzag stitch along one side but I noticed that the sheet was a little uneven looking. I completed the other side with a straight stitch with a much straighter line. The thing I forgot to mention is the needle I used for the sheets has to be a knit needle with a more blunt end. The pointy needles tear the sheets and cause thread pulls. I learned that the hard way years ago. I will use the sheet and put the side that looks a little uneven on the inside bunk where it will be under the bunk and not seen. The sheets feel so soft and cool against your skin. That was what I was looking for. I will post pictures when I have completed all the sheets. As of now I have one sheet completed and 2 to go. The second 2 should be fast. Well I have to run. I have to get some chores done before I can sit and sew.

Painting the Hallway

Still painting the hallway. It takes the house to be empty of family and the dog so I can really focus and paint. I’m losing some mojo. Tomorrow I will get up and finish this hallway paint project that is taking me 2 weeks longer than I anticipated. Oh how life gets in the way. I am setting my brain on super focused mode so I can get it done this weekend. I need to start some new projects. Nice small projects but I can only have one big project at a time. Most of my large long hallway walls are done and I only have smaller ones to get done so hopefully it will go fast. Well I’ll try and publish tomorrow if I finish.

Painting the hallway wainscoting

Before I could paint I had to prepare the walls. I bought TSP concentrate and mixed it up according to manufacturers instructions. I also bought a spray bottle from Ace Hardware. What I liked about the spray bottle is that there are spaces to write in the contents you put in the bottle and any special instructions or precautions.Before painting I needed to prep the walls. The molding with all its crevices starts to collect dust, dirt and debris deep in the crevices. I also have a dog and the dog is a very energetic dog that runs thru the hallways like a greyhound chasing a decoy bunny. The dog ends up running into the moldings in certain areas consistently and she chips the paint off.

I guess rule of thumb is that it is suggested that a fresh coat of paint be applied every 3-5 years. Well I’m stretching it to 6 years so this project is well over due. I have a lot of hallway so this is a big project. I decided to tackle this project one section at a time.

Clean with TSP and a clean cotton cloth, let dry, tape to protect areas you don’t want paint on. Use a drop cloth to protect the floor or furniture that can’t be moved out of the way.

6 years ago after hurricane Sandy all our walls were cut out from the ground up to 2′. We had a contractor that came in demoed out wet walls and replaced the wallboard and spackled to attempt to make the walls seamless. The contractor used a flat paint because he said that less flaws would show with a flat paint.

I thought long and hard about the paint I would choose to repaint with. The walls are still not perfect but I decided to try the Benjamin Moore Advance high gloss. I applied the paint with a quality paint brush. I thought the roller would not give great coverage knowing there are a lot of crevices in the molding. One nicely applied coat taking care not to have paint drips or runny spots and the wall looks great. I’m so happy with my choice to use high gloss. Every time the light hits the newly painted sections I have painted I’m so pleased. The results are amazing. It looks so clean and bright white.

Time to finish another section of the wall. My process Clean-Prep tape-Paint-Repeat.


The RV has a leak in the back. We have to take off the roof and go in the back. Next week we begin Operation Fix-a-leak. This is a big job. There’s no doubt about it.

The exterior needs a lot of TLC. The Forest River, Sandpiper decals are starting to peel off. I found some colored paint markers that I think I can use on the exterior of the RV after I peel off the decals to paint on the decal designs. Then I have to seal the paint marker on the RV which hopefully will protect the paint from fading and oxidizing for years to come.

After the camping season is over I will take on the interior of the RV. That’s where my talents shine.