Painting the hallway wainscoting

Before I could paint I had to prepare the walls. I bought TSP concentrate and mixed it up according to manufacturers instructions. I also bought a spray bottle from Ace Hardware. What I liked about the spray bottle is that there are spaces to write in the contents you put in the bottle and any special instructions or precautions.Before painting I needed to prep the walls. The molding with all its crevices starts to collect dust, dirt and debris deep in the crevices. I also have a dog and the dog is a very energetic dog that runs thru the hallways like a greyhound chasing a decoy bunny. The dog ends up running into the moldings in certain areas consistently and she chips the paint off.

I guess rule of thumb is that it is suggested that a fresh coat of paint be applied every 3-5 years. Well I’m stretching it to 6 years so this project is well over due. I have a lot of hallway so this is a big project. I decided to tackle this project one section at a time.

Clean with TSP and a clean cotton cloth, let dry, tape to protect areas you don’t want paint on. Use a drop cloth to protect the floor or furniture that can’t be moved out of the way.

6 years ago after hurricane Sandy all our walls were cut out from the ground up to 2′. We had a contractor that came in demoed out wet walls and replaced the wallboard and spackled to attempt to make the walls seamless. The contractor used a flat paint because he said that less flaws would show with a flat paint.

I thought long and hard about the paint I would choose to repaint with. The walls are still not perfect but I decided to try the Benjamin Moore Advance high gloss. I applied the paint with a quality paint brush. I thought the roller would not give great coverage knowing there are a lot of crevices in the molding. One nicely applied coat taking care not to have paint drips or runny spots and the wall looks great. I’m so happy with my choice to use high gloss. Every time the light hits the newly painted sections I have painted I’m so pleased. The results are amazing. It looks so clean and bright white.

Time to finish another section of the wall. My process Clean-Prep tape-Paint-Repeat.

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