RV sheets

Well store bought RV sheets are so uncomfortable. I decided to make my own. I used double knit fabric from Joanne’s. I found 2 different patterns that had similar colors so they will match since there was not enough fabric to make 3 sheets for the bunks in the back.

I thought I could bang out a sheet in one night but it took a little longer than one evening. You know how life just gets in the way of all the projects you have to get completed.

I didn’t have a pattern but I know the double knit fabric stretches and I bought the 1/4″ stretch elastic to make the corners fitted. I set my machine on zigzag and worked the elastic in very slowly pulling the elastic tight to make the corners stretch. I did leave the zigzag stitch along one side but I noticed that the sheet was a little uneven looking. I completed the other side with a straight stitch with a much straighter line. The thing I forgot to mention is the needle I used for the sheets has to be a knit needle with a more blunt end. The pointy needles tear the sheets and cause thread pulls. I learned that the hard way years ago. I will use the sheet and put the side that looks a little uneven on the inside bunk where it will be under the bunk and not seen. The sheets feel so soft and cool against your skin. That was what I was looking for. I will post pictures when I have completed all the sheets. As of now I have one sheet completed and 2 to go. The second 2 should be fast. Well I have to run. I have to get some chores done before I can sit and sew.

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