Sprucing Up The Entryway

I painted the wainscoting and I love the white Benjamin Moore Advance high gloss. Now I have to choose the wall color. I narrowed it down to 2 colors. I like Benjamin Moore Beach Glass and Benjamin Moore Quiet Moments. Of course living on the water I try to keep the Beach elements in my colors.

I have a pottery barn storage trunk and a wall tree both which I was planning on painting white with the leftover high gloss white I used for Wainscoting. I plan to put both those items on the right side furthest away from the door just passed the baseboard. My dilemma is I don’t have any ideas what else to add to this entryway and it’s going to need some extras. It’s a long hallway entryway. I look forward to any ideas any readers may have. I need some art ideas, lighting, and just anything you can think of to make great use of this space.

I looked long and hard to find these little gems that would make a very friendly and inviting entryway. This project seemed never ending but I’m finally turning a corner. I still have a vast amount of wall space to add more decor but this is a great beginning. The anchor is not in its final destination and it may take me some time to figure out the best spot on the wall. I bought the wall tree shelf from #Wayfair online, the bench from #Pottery Barn, the grey gingham pillow, the nautical pidgeon, the anchor, the pillow cover with four grey tassels and the large nautical pillow all from #HobbyLobbyonline, the 2 pictures, #JoAnne’sFabric.

Entryway Editions

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