RV Sheets Update

I finally completed one RV sheet. I just decided to sit and sew just to get it done. It came out great. The 1/4″ elastic in the ends and corners was a perfect fit. I had to buy a new set of knit sewing needles. Right in the middle of sewing the sheet the needle wore out and the needle would not advance smoothly. I changed the needle and voila it was clear sailing after that. I remember once reading that you should use a new needle with each new project. I have to admit I didn’t do that with the sheet. I used the needle for a knit tunic I had made in the winter and figured I could get thru the one sheet with the same needle. I was wrong.

The uploaded picture shows the mattress with a 2″ dense foam on top as an added layer for comfort while laying down. The RV mattresses are 4″ thick but need the dense foam on top for extra comfort. RV Sheets Update

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