Repainting the storage trunk

In keeping with updating my entryway I needed to add some finishing touches. I knew I wanted to add some type of wall tree. I decided to keep it a low budget project since I have other projects I need to spend a lot more money on in the future.

I already had the black storage trunk from Pottery Barn from years ago when my children were little. I decided to use the leftover paint I used to paint the wainscoting in the hallway. I bought the paint from Ace Hardware and it was the Benjamin Moore Advance High gloss White. I started painting the trunk. One coat in and I knew immediately it was going to take 4 coats of paint. I probably could have done a fifth coat but I decided to put the toile chair pads together on the bench. I bought the toile chair pads from a country magazine and I wasn’t really satisfied with them as chair pads. The chair pads didn’t stay put. There was two ties on both sides of the back of the chair pad to secure it to the chair but when you sat down the pad cushion didn’t have much padding and they slid around except where they were tied in back so I put them in the closet for a rainy day. I put two of them side by side on the bench part of the trunk. I thought they looked pretty good. I found the grey gingham pillow at Hobby Lobby and thought it added a sleek and simple look for only $12.99. The Moose pillow I just put there for now until I find a better matching pillow hopefully in the near future. I haven’t removed the paint tarp from below the trunk yet but the finish on the trunk is really shiny. I am so pleased with the results of this project. Next, I have to paint the wall tree with shelves to make sure it matches the wainscoting and the trunk. I hope to have the entryway complete by the middle of summer.

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