Travel Pillows

Summer vacations and long car rides go hand in hand. People tend to take long drives and will inevitably doze off only to wake up abruptly with that wicked neck kink or stiff neck. You know you’ve succumbed to the nap and the terrible stiff neck. Taking a little time to prepare for the long drive and the nap may help eliminate that pain in the neck.

  1. There are several types of travel pillows on the market now. You’ve seen them. Here are a few examples below.
  2. Look at that second pillow. That pillow needs an engineer to figure that one out. The top one is a little stiff.
  3. I made a trip to Joanne’s fabric and bought a 10″ pillow form and had some leftover fabric from making jersey knit sheets for my bunk on the RV fifth wheel. I used my cutting mat and ruler. I cut out a square of 13″ but later trimmed it down a little more. I took right sides together and used quilt pins to pin 3 sides. I sewed around 3 sides with a half inch seam allowance. Then turned right side out and inserted the pillow form. Then I tucked in the excess fabric and put right sides together folded inside and used quilting clips again to hold together. I stitched the entire pillow closed. It looks great, feels great and most importantly will keep those neck pains at bay. I sewed the pillow closed because the fabric is cheap enough for me to just recover when needed or if I just get tired of the pattern. Simple project that took less than an hour to complete. The final pillow with the side showing being the last side sewn right on the pillow.
  4. Anybody who read one of previous Blogs may recognize the jersey print pattern from making the bunk sheets. I had enough fabric left over to make three 10″ travel size pillows. They match my sheets so perfectly I may use in the RV and make new travel pillows with different jersey knit fabric. Thank you to everyone who has followed along since I started this blog. I appreciate all your support.
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